His research interest lie in typography in action, interaction design and design influence. John Sands, director of learning and impact at the Knight Foundation, hopes the institute can create a space for deeper discussion among people from a variety of backgrounds. “Part of the challenge is that many of the problems are multi-faceted,” he explains. “They’re not just engineering problems, and they’re not just regulatory issue,” says Prof Mickens.

More widely there’ll be heated debate about the role and size of tech platforms and the extent to which their activities should be regulated. Artificial Intelligence takes over from mobile as the hottest topic in technology, though the practical and ethical dilemmas around how it will be used become ever more apparent through the year. This year’s key developments will centre on fears about how changing technology is affecting the quality of information and the state of our democracy.

In the UK, the Press Association is planning to experiment with automation in 2017. The BBC has been able to relaunch its Japanese service using semi-automated translation as well as videos using synthesised voices. These technologies are still in their infancy but many believe they have huge potential to shape experiences for entertainment, education and commerce. Forecasters suggest around 30m devices will be sold by 2020 generating revenue of around $21 billion. CNN acquired video-sharing app start-up Beme, co-founded by popular YouTube creator Casey Neistat and is building a new brand around distinctive reporting and commentary for millennials. Ad premiums are likely to fall and the formats are likely to be devalued to some extent at least.

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Although there are few restrictions on news production and distribution for Indonesians, foreign ownership of broadcast media is banned under the 2002 Broadcast Act. Although the Press Council is supposed to adjudicate all media disputes, authorities continue to bring defamation charges to the courts. The 2008 Electronic Information and Transactions Law likewise provides criminal penalties for those found guilty of distributing, transmitting, and/or making electronic information containing libel accessible to the public. If subscriptions increase, then advertisers will want to get themselves on to e-readers.

While Google Glasses fell at the hurdle of social acceptability, the success of Pokemon Go in 2016, where animated characters appear in real life locations, has stimulated new excitement about overlays in smartphones and watches. An Apple headset may not happen this year but at the very least expect innovations in software with Apple offering augmented reality map displays on iOS devices. Another clue on Apple’s direction can be found in the dual cameras on this year’s iPhone 7 Plus. Eventually these will be installed on the entire iPhone range opening up 3D mapping of any person or space.

  • London Met professors attend prestigious Data Science International Summer School Professor Vassil Vassilev and Dr Viktor Sowinski-Mydlarz were invited to learn and share at a major industry summer school earlier this July.
  • “Part of that is automated and part of that is human,” Welsh told Journalism.co.uk, with a real reporter then expanding on the first line.
  • Controversy over the 2008 Electronic Information and Transactions Law continues, as NGOs and press freedom groups to press for its repeal.
  • We have announced the availability of two new off-the-shelf in-vehicle tablet and dock solutions.

By anticipating this, using the data fed back from your analytics package, you could optimise for that term. Of course, you would need to invent a way of using the syllable ‘rel’ as a word; perhaps by integrating it into a product name for instance. Is a small robot airplane designed to carry vaccines, medicine and blood in developing countries. In a partnership with the government of Rwanda it has started to deliver medicines and blood to around 20 hospitals and health centres throughout the country. The lifesaving idea has raised $85m from Silicon Valley Venture Capitalists and Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen.

We have strong links with a variety of industries from broadcasters like the BBC and BT Sport, to the MK Dons football team. You also get the chance to network as most of our lectures and workshops are delivered by practising professionals and experts. He has over 15 years of experience in creative industries as a visual designer and consultant.

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The e-book produces about 0.1g of carbon but, of course, still incurs costs in its production. The difference is that people could theoretically keep their reader for a long time and read hundreds of books on it . If it were not an annually saliraganar.com replaced gadget, like mobiles, it is definitely the greenest choice. Academics from Bangor Law and the school of Computer Science and Electronic Engineering have gained recognition for their collaborative work in data visualisation.

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You will normally be expected to have completed the qualification within two years before starting your course at Sussex. We would normally expect the CPE test to have been taken within two years before the start of your course. We would normally expect the CAE test to have been taken within two years before the start of your course. Degree requirementsBachelors degree with an overall mark of at least 65%-75% depending on your university. Degree requirementsBachelors degree with a second-class lower division or CAP 3.5. Degree requirementsLicenciado with a final mark of at least 12/20 from a public university or 14/20 from a private university.