Examples of Association Groups in Society
Examples of Association Groups in Society

The form of association in social groups is usually related to social processes and social interactions in forming a unitary and unified container based on the background (history). This matter at least reflects that the association itself stands to support the meaning of the needs of each member in establishing types of cooperation, forming social bonds, and others.

But what is certain is that there are at least some examples of associations that are easy to find in everyday life. For example, in a college or school alumni association. It is not imaginable that its members must also have and are conditional to graduate from the relevant college or school.

Association Group

This Association is part of a formal organization in which every member in it has an awareness of the similarity of various types of goals. So that the correlation created is social relations between group members in the process of forming an organization.

Association Group Example

There are several examples of the description of association groups in the community. For example;


Iksaru is an abbreviation of the Riyadlatul Ulum Santri Association which is one of the associations in non-formal education, especially in Islamic boarding schools. Although this organization does not legally exist, its members only apply to every individual who has been a student at the Riyadlatul Ulum Islamic Boarding School, Batang Hari District, East Lampung Regency.

Aspikom (Communication Science Higher Education Association)

An example of an association in higher education that is engaged in social research is Aspikom. Where this association was founded in 2007 with members consisting of a consortium of several universities focusing on research with the publication of the accredited Aspikom journal. Hence this association in its work only performs one task in the most efficient manner.

APJII (Association of Indonesian Internet Service Providers)

The Association of Indonesian Internet Service Providers, known as APJII, is one type of association that is developing easy-to-find research results on websites or social media networks. This association arises because it responds to the existing social changes. To know more about accessories and jewelry you can visit this site karendiamonddesigns

However, linking organizational structures with virtual organizational networks to other flexible structures. This is because as each hosting company continues to grow and increase its global presence, future organizations can realize fluid and free organization, member ownership, and an entrepreneurial approach among all members.

Student Council

Student Council is part of the type of association that is easy to find for formal education based on SMP/Equivalent and SMA/Equivalent schools. The Intera School Student Organization. Known as OSIS, has an organizational structure that can influence organizational actions and provide a foundation on which to base standard operating procedures and routines.

The organizational structure determines which individuals can participate in which decision-making processes, and thus the extent to which their views shape the actions of the organization. Can think of organizational structure as a point of view or perspective from which individuals view the organization and its environment.

PGRI (Indonesian Teachers Association)

PGRI is an abbreviation of the Indonesian Teachers Association, which is an association that accommodates the interests and desires of its teachers. As for running this organization, the absolute requirement is to have the status of a teacher, either an honorary teacher, first aid teacher, or civil servant.


The Association of Indonesian Financing Companies, which was then abbreviated as APPI, is one of the most familiar to find. The reason is that in this case, all business plans in the world cannot save the company if in the long term the financial business is not incorporated.

Even if no one is responsible for meeting the client’s accomplishments or no one definitively takes decisions within the finance company then when there is a major manufacturing problem that threatens to stop production.

Well, that’s the article that we can share with all readers regarding various examples of association groups in society in everyday life. Hopefully, it can provide insight for all of you who are in need.

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