Analyse attitudes towards the environment and the politics of the environmental movement, pressure groups, political parties, states, the EU and international organisations. Explore the theories that have been developed to advance our knowledge of how global politics works, and the ways in which the field of international relations is expanding today. Nonetheless it is not an indulgence to consider the gendered impact.

  • Britain’s foreign policy was based upon maintaining a balance of power in Europe.
  • This year long module will involve working independently to research a topic of your choice within the field of Politics or War Studies.
  • This is the first book length study of war in the thought of one of the twentieth-century’s most important and original political thinkers.
  • Given China’s modern status as a major world power, learning about its turbulent past and Mao’s legacy will help you to understand wider global developments.

War on Want fights the causes of poverty and defends human rights, as part of the worldwide movement for global justice. We work in partnership with grassroots social movements, trade unions and workers’ organisations in the Global South and across the world. We challenge human rights abusing corporations and governments, and hold those responsible for inequality and poverty to account. People in the Global South are disproportionately affected by injustice, inequality and human rights abuses. Austerity cuts and insecure work are pushing more and more working people in wealthier countries into poverty.


The School established a Visiting Fellows scheme to invite visiting scholars to come to Glasgow and help develop intellectual ideas and research agendas for the future. The climate crisis is devastating the lives and livelihoods of people in the Global South, those least responsible for causing it. The global Covid-19 pandemic has pushed millions more into poverty. We draw on our shared experiences to influence policies and improve peacebuilding practice worldwide.

In 1871, German unification dramatically altered the balance of power in Europe. This new power bloc at the heart of central Europe strengthened further when Germany formed an alliance in 1879 with neighbouring Austria-Hungary, which Italy joined three years later. Fear of Germany’s growing strength encouraged Russia and France to enter into alliance in 1893. German ambitions to build a battle fleet initiated a naval arms race with Britain that seriously strained relations between the two. Britain had long seen France and Russia as potential enemies, but from 1904 it negotiated agreements with them, aiming to secure its empire by settling colonial disputes. Undergraduate Politics Focus on the most important topics and debates in past and contemporary politics whilst questioning conventional wisdom and your own preconceived ideas.

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Chart the history of air warfare from the Red Baron to the drones of today. You’ll explore uses of air power including strategic bombing, airborne troops and aircraft carriers. CCW has been examining the developments of armed conflict and its consequences since 2003. From the outset the intention was to bring together scholars from several disciplines, especially History, Politics, International Relations, Law, and Philosophy.