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Consumers and their markets are changing and companies are finding themselves wondering how best to adapt to a new world. Evolve your role in customer experience and connect with consumers to boost and build greater brand loyalty. See how Kraft Heinz and IBM are making sure the right consumer products are in the right place at the right time. By virtue of this Part of this Act, it may (subject to subsection below and the 1977 Act) be negatived or varied by express agreement, or by the course of dealing between the parties, or by such usage as binds both parties to the contract.

Whatever is the nature of the consideration for the bailment or agreement to bail by way of hire. If the transferor transfers or agrees to transfer the property in the goods by sample as well as by description it is not sufficient that the bulk of the goods corresponds with the sample if the goods do not also correspond with the description. He has 18 years of B2C experience, including ten years of expertise in developing, executing and managing evolving digital businesses, leading change through customer experience. In the wake of the pandemic, consumer companies and retailers developed or accelerated innovations almost overnight while stabilising surging demand for basic consumer goods such as food, water and personal hygiene products. They also cover transactions such as hiring, hire purchase and part exchange.

  • The trader is obliged to give a refund within 14 days of agreeing that the consumer is entitled to one.
  • There are resource constraints and new markets to navigate, as well as consumers that are harder to predict and reach than prior generations have been.
  • In the case of an agreement to hire, he will have such a right at the time of commencement of the period of the hire.
  • The sector is just as much a victim as a beneficiary of the digital revolution, which has armed consumers with the tools to seek better value and quality.

Accenture predicts that manufacturers will shift to become retailers, distributors, and media owners. They also suggest that consumers will play a greater role in designing and developing products. For the purposes of this section a bailor bails or agrees to bail goods by reference to a sample where there is an express or implied term to that effect in the contract concerned.

Advised a multinational consumer goods company headquartered in the UK on all commercial, competition, regulatory and employment aspects related to its Bulgarian operations. Major Programmes Connecting people and technology to anticipate and respond to ever-changing conditions, and solve for society’s greatest challenges. The competitive landscape is fiercer than ever before, with new global competitors to consider.

Changes over time for: Supply of Goods and Services Act 1982

In our latest study, we found consumers might have shown patience in the early days of the pandemic, but amid continued disruption, that tolerance is wearing thin. Consumers have high expectations of choice, quality and service in how they shop, consume products and live their daily lives. BT – Offers broadband, phone lines, security & networked IT services for home, businesses and public sector. By ticking the box and submitting this form, you confirm you have read and accept our terms & conditions and consent to the processing of your data in accordance with our privacy policy, including any special category data where relevant. SAP ERP software solution for small and medium businesses simplifies accounting and financial processes to accelerate transactions, boost cash flow and make profitable decisions.

Assisted a multinational pharmaceutical company in the implementation of a global competition compliance programme and provided competition and dawn raids trainings to local personnel. Advised a multinational beverages company on the compliance with its global advertising materials such as TV, video and social media commercials and of contemplated promotional campaigns before launch on the Bulgarian market. Advised a multinational consumer goods company headquartered in the USA on corporate matters related to its Bulgarian business.

Take complete control of your inventory and cut down issues and wastage with SAP ERP solutions. Under The Consumer Contracts Regulations 2013, consumers have a 14-day ‘cooling off period’ for most distance and off-premises contracts. During the cooling off period, a customer can cancel for any reason and get their money back. The Consumer Rights Act also applies to food, so restaurant customers can expect food to be of a ‘satisfactory quality’ and to match the menu description. Consumers can also claim a refund and compensation if they get food poisoning from a food business. This document is designed to be used on a website that has the facility to take payments (i.e. a basket).


All these markets may be very different, each with their own challenges and opportunities, yet one thing remains constant across all – the companies that recruit the best talent will produce the best results. It is helpful to keep copies of all doscuments, in case an issue arises with the product or service. You are considered to be a consumer if you are a private individual purchasing goods or services for your own private use.

Online and distance selling

As a retail shop, for example, you’ll need to be aware of this law in case you sell something that’s faulty or not fit for purpose. Our purpose is to make regulation work, so that it protects people and enables businesses to understand their obligations. You must provide certain information if you’re selling goods or services through digital TV, by mail order or by phone or text message. Consumers tend to be unforgiving when products change in response to supply factors. Chocolate manufacturers that have tried to alter their products in response to rising costs have faced backlashes.