IP lawyers also have specialties as there are different areas of intellectual property laws, such as e-commerce, biotechnology, computer engineering, the internet, and pharmaceuticals. Hence, their work may entail dealing with several agencies, such as the U.S. Copyright Office, the Department of Commerce, and the Food and Drug Administration . Individuals or business entities that need assistance with cases involving the IRS or SEC often employ finance and securities lawyers.

  • These attorneys usually work with unions, but they are most helpful for non-unionized employees because these are the workers who do not have anyone advocating for their cause.
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  • In most cases, attorneys’ salaries with big law firms will start somewhere between $30,000 and $100,000 a year, depending on the size, location and financial condition of the employer.
  • Just as with other specialties, many law schools offer a specialization certificate in employment/labor law for students who take a minimum number of courses in the area, but it is not required for employment.
  • They can work on behalf of defendants, and on behalf of the crown as a prosecution lawyer.

Constitutional lawyers deal with the interpretation and implementation of the U.S. Constitution, and balance the interests of government institutions with the interests of individuals. Various roles of a constitutional lawyer might include challenging the constitutionality of a piece of legislation, representing individuals in discrimination suits, or working as a constitutional law expert at a university. Constitutional lawyers may be involved in civil rights cases, and some argue legal issues before state supreme courts or the U.S. Real estate lawyers provide legal guidance for individuals or companies seeking to buy or sell a property. They work with their clients and the real estate agents to draft documents and ensure that the paperwork is legally binding.

Environmental Lawyer

Typically, workers compensation lawyers have the legal understanding and training allowing persons injured on the job or those who have contracted a disease due to employment to seek compensation. Traffic lawyers are lawyers having expertise in highway safety laws, traffic laws and legal matters relating to traffic, traffic violations and road safety. A personal injury lawyer specializes in obtaining compensation for those who suffered personal, bodily, physical or psychological prejudice.

The stereotype is that barristers are individualists while solicitors and legal executives are team players. But while it is true that a barrister is almost always self-employed and a solicitor/legal executive may be in a law firm of thousands of people, the reality is more complicated. Barristers often work with each other and with solicitors, and some solicitors/ legal executives spend many hours on their own drafting documents. Last but not least, a criminal defense lawyer is skilled in handling all stages of a criminal lawsuit.

Estate Planning Lawyers

Working in employment law you will usually need to decide which side you want to represent – the employer or the employee. For example, if you work for the Citizens Advice Bureau you will nearly always be working for the employee, but if you’re in a large commercial firm then you will probably only take on clients who are employers. So keep this in mind when considering where you want to take your training contract. Your knowledge of the numerous types of law expands exponentially when you start at university.

Business lawyers, also known as corporate lawyers, handle legal matters for businesses and ensure that all company transactions occur within the scope of local, state, and federal laws. Common legal work includes mergers, acquisitions, formation or dissolution of businesses, patents, intellectual property, and liability disputes. Day to day, a business lawyer may conduct legal research, write and revise legal documents, and negotiate contracts. In most civil law countries, the government has traditionally exercised tight control over the legal profession in order to ensure a steady supply of loyal judges and bureaucrats. That is, lawyers were expected first and foremost to serve the state, and the availability of counsel for private litigants was an afterthought.

For example, those who start working as personal injury lawyers can specialize as medical lawyers. Other careers include environmental lawyers, military lawyers, and contract lawyers. Nonprofit organizations or government agencies often employ public-interest lawyers. They offer their legal services to clients for free, or at a significantly reduced rate. Obviously, this stops them from becoming the highest-paid types of lawyers, but they have a pivotal role in helping people overcome social injustice.