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  • For example, that the quest for power is the motivating factor in state actions.
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The study of war in international relations is covered by the disciplines of “war studies” and “strategic studies”. The existence of power blocs in international relations is a significant factor related to polarity. During the Cold War, the alignment of several nations to one side or another based on ideological differences or national interests has become an endemic feature of international relations. Unlike prior, shorter-term blocs, the Western and Soviet blocs sought to spread their national ideological differences to other nations.

Often you find that the research had been conducted by teachers at the university. It means that you have high quality and reliable knowledge of the subject you are studying. You can transfer onto our 4-year Year Abroad track during your time at Birmingham and benefit from the increased confidence and different academic perspective gained bystudying in a foreign country. Our International Relations degree will help you understand the complexities of relationships between different countries and how they engage with each other to effectively manage a wide range of problems on a global scale. If you’re interested in using your degree to work in the media, try writing for your university newspaper, blogging or writing for an online publication.

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The Organisation of Islamic Cooperation is an international organization consisting of 57 member states. The organisation attempts to be the collective voice of the Muslim world and attempts to safeguard the interests and ensure the progress and well-being of Muslims. Democratic peace theory is a theory that suggests that the nature of democracy means that democratic countries will not go to war with each other. The justifications for this are that democracies externalize their norms and only go to war for just causes, and that democracy encourages mutual trust and respect. In 2012 alone, the Palace of Nations in Geneva, Switzerland, hosted more than 10,000 intergovernmental meetings.

The University offers a variety of flexible entry options in order to allow all students, regardless of background or personal circumstances, to apply. These are fully supported, paid internships that give students the opportunity to work on a one-to-one basis with a member of academic staff in POLSIS on a research project. If you make the most of the wide range of services you will be able to develop your career from the moment you arrive. Departments from across the School of Government are all based within Muirhead Tower. The space has been designed to create modern, attractive spaces for teaching and research accommodating 150 academic offices, 230 ‘hubs’ for post graduate research students, teaching rooms for up to 100 people and a 200-seat lecture theatre. Independent study alongside your time in the classroom is an essential part of the degree and requires motivation and enthusiasm for your subject.

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Feminist IR has not only concerned itself with the traditional focus of IR on states, wars, diplomacy and security, but feminist IR scholars have also emphasized the importance of looking at how gender shapes the current global political economy. In this sense, there is no clear cut division between feminists working in IR and those working in the area of International Political Economy . From its inception, feminist IR has also theorized extensively about men and, in particular, masculinities. Many IR feminists argue that the discipline is inherently masculine in nature. For example, in her article “Sex and Death in the Rational World of Defense Intellectuals” Signs , Carol Cohn claimed that a highly masculinized culture within the defence establishment contributed to the divorcing of war from human emotion. The realist framework of international relations rests on the fundamental assumption that the international state system is an anarchy, with no overarching power restricting the behaviour of sovereign states.

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The field of international relations dates from the time of the Greek historian Thucydides. International ethics explores concepts such as human rights, genocide, ethnic conflict, and just war theory. Liberalism is a school of thought and argues that states exist in an environment of anarchy, as discussed above, and primarily act in their own self-interest.

With international experts you’ll explore the political significance of global issues, and just how close to home their effects resonate. Step up to the boundaries of justice and human rights, and investigate the effects that terrorism, war and shifts in global power are having on our day-to-day lives. Universities should promote research and teaching on issues related to international cooperation and war and peace. Britannica is the ultimate student resource for key school subjects like history, government, literature, and more.